Chateau Gifts 
Delicately Packed & Shipped by Jen

This is a gift that shows you consider the recipient as a person you appreciate and love. 

You know Jen.... very detailed, creative, beyond talented and precise! 

Chateau Gifts was born out of Jen's disappointment in corporate and holiday gifting.

"The gift basket business has become very mundane, lack creativity and are too expensive for what you get, not to mention it's just not an experience. Everything we do should be done with love, passion and be a memorable experience at that. 

Chateau Gift is Jen's passion, this is her project that she takes very seriously! 

With 21+ diners choice awards, The Chateau On The Lake brings you Chateau Gifts. Shipping fully packaged to your doorstep.  All gift selections are shipped pre-seasoned, sliced, diced and prepped with easy and presentation & exact cooking instructions so people everywhere can now experience the specialties that our customers have enjoyed for the past 5 years. Visit The Chateau On The Lake